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Scientific-Technical Objectives

The aim of the TSC project is to develop Triple Space Computing as communication and coordination framework for Semantic Web and Semantic Web services. Modern IT-systems are mostly designed as modular, component-based architectures wherein the distinct components communicate for achieving the overall system functionality, i.e. they exchange data as well as control information. At this point in time, mostly message-based communication technologies are applied software component communication. Although existing messaging technologies are quite well elaborated, they impose severe restrictions in terms reliable messaging, security, scalability, fault tolerance and recovery which are handled on top of the message layer; moreover, the massage-based for communication is not compatible with publication-based design principles of the Web. A different paradigm is Tuple Space Computing, where component communication is realized by reading and writing the information to be exchanged in a shared space. The TSC project aims at extending the paradigm of Tuple Space Computing into a semantics-enhanced, scalable communication middleware with special emphasis on the support of Semantic Web Services.

Semantic Web services promise seamless interoperability of data and applications on a semantic level, thus turning the Web from a world-wide information repository for human consumption only to a device of distributed computation. To this end, appropriate semantic descriptions of Web services and intelligent mechanisms working upon this, need a solid basement in terms of the underlying semantically enabled communication technologies. Here, Triple Space Computing (TSC) which inherits the publication-based communication model from the Tuple Spaced Computing paradigm and extends it with semantics comes into play: instead of sending messages forward and backward among participants as in current message-based technologies, TSC-enabled applications will communicate by writing and reading RDF triples in a shared space.

The outcome of the TSC project will be a generic framework and prototype implementation for a Triple Space Computing environment. The consortium combines expertise in Semantic Web service and Tuple Space Computing along with existing technologies that serve as basis for the TSC technology. As Triple Space Computing is a new, powerful paradigm for semantically enabled software component communication that is compliant with the design principles of the Web, it will provide a major building block for Semantic Web services and the Semantic Web as such.


Economic Relevance

The TSC project is a research-orientated project, developing an innovative framework and the core technologies for Triple Space Computing as a new middleware infrastructure for software components with special support for the Semantic Web and Semantic Web services. The resulting system will be further developed into a commercial product by the industrial partners, with a time-to-market prospect of 3-5 years after project finalization. The target markets are Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business-to-Business (B2B) areas, where the resulting software has good chances to become an attractive and central product by the combination of promising new middleware technologies and emerging technologies in the area of the Semantic Web and Semantic Web services.

For the academic partners, University of Innsbruck and TU Vienna, the project means not only a significant contribution in their core research areas, strengthening their positions in the International scientific community, but also the chance to exchange their expertise for mutual benefit in an emerging area with high practical and economic relevance.

The TSC technology will be aligned with international research in the European SDK Cluster, a joint effort of European research initiatives around the Semantic Web ( This alignment strategy at the frontier of international research and standardization efforts provides an excellent chance for Austrian based industry and research exposing Austria itself as a leading country in the important areas of EAI and B2B.


TSC is a project founded by the Forschung, Innovation, Technologie - Informationstechnologie (FIT-IT) research programme in the programme line of "semantic systems and services". It has started March 2005 and has a planed duration of 30 month.